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Supporting the citizenship of people with disabilities

Skills Society supports people with disabilities, their families, and communities.

Through services and innovative projects, we work to help people with disabilities experience meaningful lives as valued citizens.

Many people with disabilities live on the margins of our communities, often in isolation, and are not offered the same opportunities most citizens are afforded.

Skills Society provides support services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, survivors of acquired brain injury, and their families.

Communities benefit when people with disabilities are provided stable, individually tailored services, housing and support. When people are supported to realize their full potential, they can contribute their skills, knowledge and gifts to the mosaic of talents and personalities that make our communities strong and healthy.

“We battled for years to find the right environment for Robin. She just didn’t fit into the mould that had been established for the delivery of services. Until we came to Skills Society. They have made all the difference.”
– Bob Adams, Skills Society beneficiary


A community where all individuals are valued citizens deserving respect, dignity and rights.


Skills supports individuals with disabilities and their families in their right to learn and grow in the community. We provide services that encourage and support individual choice and opportunity.

Core Values

Supporting Engaged Citizenship

Citizenship is about belonging and contributing and having access to important opportunities and choices. As Mark Kingwell describes it, “Citizenship is, in short, one of the profound categories that make us who we are, one of the crucial ways humans go about creating a life for themselves”. At Skills Society, our work focuses squarely on taking action that enhances and celebrates positive citizenship outcomes for individuals.
Core Values

Safeguarding Healthy Relationships

Social and material vulnerability are features of daily life for people with disabilities. Skills Society works to build positive and powerful relationships both inside and outside the organization to strengthen personal and political safety nets for the individuals we support and for the broader disability community.
Core Values

Seeking Creative Collaborations

We believe that social change comes from the strength of groups recognizing their commonalities, sharing resources, and working together. The disability community has often been overlooked in social change initiatives. We are committed to ensuring that we take our place among the talented and inventive groups and individuals working for more inclusive communities.
Core Values

Building and Sharing Knowledge

We work hard to learn through our own actions, and through studying the work of others. We are committed to trying new ideas and becoming better problem solvers. We seek opportunities to promote our work publicly in order to spark commentary and critique, and to forge new partnerships.
Core Values

Embracing Complexity

The work of assisting people with disabilities to achieve good lives is not an easy road. It requires creativity, determination, and collective effort. At Skills we do not shy away from taking on big challenges, to innovate and try again. The work is complex – not only at the individual level, but at the level of contributing to influencing social policy that guides society in its obligation to address the needs of, and the contributions of disabled citizens.

Example video showing why we focus on supporting the citizenship of people with disabilities

Captain Community from Project Citizenship on Vimeo.

“I think it’s important that we focus on supporting the citizenship of people with disabilities, because we still live in a society that doesn’t truly value that everyone has something meaningful to contribute.”
– Skills Society Community Support Worker