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Citizens with disabilities, McCauley residents and emerging leaders helping to build the first stage of the Little Italy Community Garden in 2014


Supporting the citizenship of people with disabilities

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You can make a difference! Your investment helps us help people with disabilities to lead full, productive lives in our community.

Your support will:

  • Transform the lives of individuals with disabilities from receivers to givers, from isolation to participation, from marginalized to meaningful.
  • Change how those working with individuals with disabilities do their work – from providers of services to creative partners in the lives of those they work with.
  • Inspire cultural change – from viewing people with disabilities as a burden on society to seeing them as contributors to a rich and diverse community, living every day the ethics of love, respect, honesty and truth.

Please help us continue our effort to eliminate barriers to inclusion for people with disabilities.

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The Edmonton Police recognizing Jason “Captain Community” for his efforts to keep his neighbors safe