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Supporting the citizenship of people with disabilities

Invitation To Community To Engage In Research Study

We are excited to be collaborating with University of Alberta Community Service-Learning again. See below and pass along to non-profit organizations who you think could benefit.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please click here to access the study information sheet and read more about the study below.


Invitation to Participate in Knowledge Generation Study

As a CSL partner, your organization (with the exception of any partners directly connected to Alberta Health or Covenant Health) is being invited to participate in a study exploring how it generates new knowledge to improve service delivery or advocate more effectively for the people your organization serves. The research team, led by Dr David Peacock, Executive Director of CSL, and including CSL staff, is comprised of staff from the U of A based Kule Institute for Advanced Study, and the community based Skills Society of Edmonton.

The research project seeks to identify tools to facilitate community-based research collaborations between the University of Alberta and community-based organizations in Edmonton, as well as identify new opportunities for CSL partners to work together on projects of common interest that generate innovative solutions to shared problems or concerns. 

You are being invited to participate in this study in these ways:
1) In two Community-Based Research sessions (held in spring, 2016, and November, 2016), held at and facilitated by Skills Society Action Lab, in which participants explore how they generate social innovation in their organizations, and when and how they call upon other groups to partner with for improving practices.
2) To be interviewed about your experiences of university-community partnerships, and how they have and/or have not assisted your organizations develop better practices
3) To contribute a public list of specific areas your organization would like to work with other groups (on campus and in community) to generate new solutions to pressing social problems and concerns.

For more information, please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr David Peacock, whose details appeal below. If you are interested in participating in the study, please click here to access the study information sheet. Consent forms will be sent by email after you have expressed your interest.

We look forward to your interest and collaboration.

Principal Investigator:
David Peacock, PhD
Community Service-Learning
412C Arts Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E6
Community Researcher:    
Ben Weinlick, MA
Skills Society Edmonton
10408 – 124 Street
Edmonton, AB  T5N 1R5
Adam Dombovari, PhD
Kule Institute for Advanced Study
3-37 Arts Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E6


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