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Building a more humanized experience in how services are planned and designed with and for citizens with disabilities

My Compass Planning App

Supporting the citizenship of people with disabilities

Skills Society, Lift Interactive and Southern Alberta Community Living Association have collaborated to build a game changing social innovation that uses new technology to improve the quality of life of people receiving supports through human service organizations.

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After 5 years of research and development the partners have developed a user friendly App called My Compass: People Powered Planning that provides an engaging and humanized experience in how individualized services of people with disabilities are designed. The App will work on tablets, smart phones, or any computer and also is a means to report in meaningful ways on outcomes and action plans.

The Goals

1. We want to transform service planning from what can be a bureaucratic, de-humanizing and less than engaging experience, into a delightful, insightful and truly meaningful collaboration.

2. We want to make it easier for people receiving services-and their families-to be at the helm when designing the service they deserve and want.

3.  We want to make it easier and more meaningful to follow up on plans so there is increased accountability that a person’s service plan is acted upon and achieved.

4. We want the app to be a skill enhancing tool for human service workers who’s role is central in ensuring plans are high quality and centered on what a person receiving service want and need.

For more information and to inquire about using this game changing software in other organizations contact

Ben Weinlick, MA – – 780-801-3231

How you can support this project

For more information on how you can support the development of this game changing app please contact:

Rachel Lawrence Hohl, Skills Society Fund Development Manager

Skills Society Edmonton
203 Parkington Plaza
10408 – 124 Street
Edmonton, AB, Canada
T5N 1R5

Phone: (780) 496-9686
Fax: (780) 482-6395


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