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Supporting the citizenship of people with disabilities

Who we help, and how.

Skills Society supports people with disabilities, their families and their communities.

We do this by first focusing on the universal themes that connect us all:

  • Safeguarding emotional and physical well-being
  • Enhancing opportunities to contribute and belong
  • Growing material well-being through employment
  • Supporting continuous growth and learning

Our supports

At Skills we respect the right of every individual and their family to direct and control the services they receive in order to live purposeful lives and experience meaningful relationships.

We provide support that is:

  • Flexible, recognizing that people and their circumstances can and do change
  • Customized to fit each individual
  • Designed to create meaningful and purposeful daily lives
  • Built around continuous learning — meeting an individual’s needs, and innovating as those needs change and evolve

We help adults with developmental disabilities, children and their families, and survivors of acquired brain injury.

Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Skills Society provides community supports for approximately 350 individuals with disabilities each year. Support can range from occasional up to 24 hours a day in a community setting. Funding for Adult Supports comes from the Persons with Developmental Disabilities Program (PDD), a part of the Provincial Ministry of Human Services. All adults supported by Skills Society meet PDD eligibility and are approved for funding. Supports are provided to an individual wherever they live, work or socialize in the community. Supports are organized according to an individual’s needs and wants. This may include assistance with daily living and/or support to create and maintain meaningful connections with friends, family and the greater community.

Children and their Families

The greater the level of disability, the more difficult it is to find and access suitable services. Skills Society’s Woodcroft Home provides out of home respite for children with disabilities and their families. Services are provided by well trained, experienced staff in a safe and supportive environment. The extent of services is highly dependent on the individual being supported and his/her needs. Skills Society works with Children and Family Services to determine eligibility. All children and families supported by Skills Society have a current and active contract with the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program which is part of the Provincial Ministry of Human Services.

Supports for Survivors of
Acquired Brain Injury

Skills Society is one of two agencies in Edmonton to receive funding from the Provincial Ministry Human Services to provide community based support to adult survivors of an acquired brain injury. In collaboration with the referring Alberta Brain Injury Network, three employees of Skills Society support survivors of acquired brain injury. Programs include rehabilitation, accessing resources and services, relationship building and establishing connections in the community. These flexible supports are available to people who are over the age of 18.

Referral process: Anyone who has been diagnosed with an acquired brain injury can apply for supports from Skills Society. We take referral from health care professional, caregivers, and from survivors.

Please email Lasha Robert at

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