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Barry and his Monster Pro Wrestling Club. See his story on Project Citizenship

Supporting the citizenship of people with disabilities

Skills Society is a not-for-profit organization whose vision is of a community where all individuals are valued citizens deserving respect, dignity and rights.

People with disabilities need more than just services. We believe the people we support should have the opportunity to live full lives like any other citizen.

Skills Society's innovative social change projects


SDX is an Edmonton-based community of practice that convenes individuals interested in learning about Systemic Design as a methodology for addressing complex, real world issues. Read more

CommuniTEA Infusion

is a mobile tea house that creates a kind of pop-up town square where neighbours can come together and strengthen connections. What makes this great is how citizens with disabilities are community builders through the project. Read more

The Citizen Action Lab

is a think tank that uses a social lab approach for discovering innovative ways to connect people with disabilities to meaningful citizenship roles and employment. Read more


Taking Steps – 2016 Executive Director Report

Taking Steps… Pace, stride, move, movement, action, measure, tread, rung, march, stair, footstep, stage, phase, walk… By Skills Society Executive Director, Pat Conrad for the 2016 Skills Society Annual Report The life […]

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Skills Society ED Pat Conrad's reflection on the last year


Skills Society supports people with disabilities, their families, and their communities.

Through day-to-day services and innovative projects, we work to help people with disabilities experience meaningful lives as valued citizens.

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Barry and his friend at Monster Pro Wrestling

The Action Lab

Rent the Action Lab

The Action Lab is our 2500 sq foot creative learning and workshop space designed by Manasc Isaac architects. You can rent this very unique space for workshops, events, strategic planning and to convene innovative minds to tackle complex challenges.

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The Action Lab


Put your talents and passion to work.

Become a partner in the lives of those you work with, our employees are trained with strategic and creative alternatives for traditional ways of doing things. We're seeking talented and qualified individuals to work for us. Inquire today.

Work for us
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Lizzamarie and Skills team members


Help us continue our effort to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities.

Your investment helps us help people with disabilities to lead full, productive lives in our community. Transform lives, inspire cultural change.

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The Edmonton Police recognizing Jason “Captain Community” for his efforts to keep his neighbors safe