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What is SDX?

SDX stands for Systemic Design Exchange.SDX_venn

SDX is an Edmonton-based community of practice that convenes individuals interested in learning about Systemic Design as a methodology for addressing complex, real world issues.

With a bias towards learning by doing, SDX aims to be a watering hole where multiple sectors can come together, learn together, and act together.

Together, SDX explores systems thinking, design thinking, and change lab approaches.


Who is SDX?

SDX is a partnership between government and community.

Our members cross and defy typical sectoral boundaries. Membership includes people from all orders of government, social benefit organizations, social enterprises, designers, creatives, and more!

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What is Systemic Design?

Systemic Design brings together systems thinking and design thinking.




Systemic Design is most useful when you are dealing with a complex, adaptive problem.

Complex problems are characterized by a low level of agreement on what the problem is and what might be the best way to address it. They are vague, messy, conflicting, changing, and full of uncertainty.


What is a Community of Practice?

A community of practice is a group of diverse people who come together to learn, share practices, and co-create knowledge around shared areas of interest. Informal communities of practice pop up in organizations around the water cooler, but when purposefully stewarded, they can become powerful, positive forces that help people navigate complex challenges together.


How can I get involved?

Anyone who shares our interest in getting better at systems thinking and design thinking in order to make progress on complex challenges can participate in SDX.  If you’d like to get involved or get in touch with the conveners, contact us:

Ben Weinlick
‎Executive Director
Skills Society
Roya Damabi
Senior Systemic Designer
Alberta CoLab




SDX is co-convened by the Government of Alberta CoLab and the Skills Society Action Lab.

Action Lab logo


Action Lab is a social enterprise of Skills Society, one of the largest disability service organizations in Edmonton, Alberta. It is designed for hosting inspiring events, group collaboration, strategy sessions, and social innovation. The Action Lab experience promotes creative problem solving, offers tools to help tap into collective wisdom, and helps people prototype solutions to challenges they are working on.



Based in the Department of Energy, Alberta CoLab was founded in 2014 as a cross-ministry hub for systemic design and strategic foresight within the Government of Alberta. It supports work on many of the government’s most complex strategy and policy challenges, providing a new way to have strategic conversations, include citizens in problem framing, and co-design actionable strategies. It builds government capacity in systemic design and foresight through communities of practice, training, and workshops.



Interested in learning more about systemic design? Here are some resources we like to get you started.