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Project Citizenship launch event


Supporting the citizenship of people with disabilities


Skills Society is led by an amazing and dedicated collective of leaders. We’re proud to have leadership that has a strong vision for our organization, and that is willing to take risks with new ideas to improve our services and the lives of the people we serve.

Since 1981 Skills Society has supported people with disabilities in our community. Over 43% of our current staff have been with Skills Society for over five years, a demonstration of both the commitment of our staff and the positive work environment in which they feel supported and encouraged.


Ben Weinlick

Executive Director


Karen Huta

Senior Manager of Human Resources


Bev Hills

Senior Manager of Community Supports


Sandi Pesklevis

Senior Manager of Quality Assurance and Provincial Standards


Shawn Depner

Senior Accountant


Rachel Lawrence-Hohl

Fund Development Manager


Lizzamarie Morey

Recruitment Coordinator


Tracey Woodward

Training / Recruitment Coordinator


Linda Marchand

Senior Office Manager

Board of Directors

Skills Society is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Their commitment to our mission and their broad range of experience and knowledge are a major asset to our staff.

To direct any information or inquiries to our board, please email us at or phone (780) 496–9686.

Chairperson Hart Chapelle
Vice Chairperson Amy Abbott
Treasurer Rochelle Mitchell
Secretary Debbie Royer
Directors Carmen Norris
Darcy McDonald
Dwight Hayes
Joshua Gnutel
Lisa Prins
John McGee
Thelma Ketler
Julie Kucher